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I think advertising is the highest form of art. The digital age has moved art out of the sterile environment of museums/galleries and into everyday life through Instagram, tv/youtube commercials, and other mediums. The beauty of this transition is that people passively consume thousands of pieces of art every day.

Great pictures capture and incite passion.

Whether it's promoting a product, personal brand, or a viewpoint, images communicate messages and drive action by capturing emotion and energy.

I'm currently a student at The University of Chicago studying Economics and Creative Writing. I was an internationally competitive foil fencer for the USA. I've been named to Chicago Inno's 25 under 25 and featured at the Forbes U30 Summit for my entrepreneurial endeavors. I currently run the marketing for Radical Fencing. 

I'm a contributor to Red Bull's content pool have worked with Nike, and have been featured by the Associated Press

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