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NCAA Fencing Fantasy Draft 2021

(Sponsored by Radical Fencing)

Join the Discord: 

March Stabness is back! 

New this year: I will be setting up a discord server for participants who want to chat while watching the event. 

There will be a prize for the winner again, the details of which will be decided in the coming days. Last year it was a bag from Radical Fencing! 



Share this with your friends and compete to see who is the best! The more people who do this, the more fun it is. 

The Rules:

Everyone drafts 2 different fencers for each weapon/gender. for a total of 12. (Use the big black button above to draft.)

At the end of the championships whoever's team has the most total wins will be crowned the winner.

Tiebreakers (in order of importance):

1) Number of individual champions drafted

2) Team with the highest indicator

3) Team with most touches scored

In the event of more than one person winning with the exact same team, I will see what we can do about splitting the prize. 

We reserve the right to update these rules in the event that any issues or unforeseen circumstances occur and will do so with the utmost fairness in mind. 


If you have any questions, DM me on or Twitter:

Or fill out the form here: 

Special Thanks to Radical Fencing for sponsoring the prize!


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