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A peaceful George Floyd protest draws 30,000 people in Chicago 6/6/20. 0 arrests were made, no property destroyed. 


The UChicago Graduate Students Union went on strike after the University refused to recognize or negotiate with their organization. 

University of Chicago Police officer covers his ears during the protest.


A touching moment from Fencing World Championships and some sage words of advice Jake received from his coach after a tough loss:

“I suggest to all my students to accept yourself. You are living in the world of competition. In continuous comparison. You are thinking always on the past, or on the future, and missing the present that is the only reality. Accept yourself as you are. This is the way existence wants you to be.” - Dr. Aladar Kogler


Lis Rottler-Fautsch on her controversial 11-10 loss in the top 8 of World Championships:

"Ok, so I was leading the whole fight than Moellhausen come back and it was 10:10 after regular time. We went to Sudden Death. She had priority. 18 seconds to the end, I started a lunge, Moellhausen blocked me and I tried to do a remesse. and did some forward steps and touche her on the knee. I took off my mask and was screaming because I thought I just wrote Luxembourg fencing history with a first medal at a World Championships. But then Moelhausen said it was the floor, the referee looked at the video like for 1 minute. It was an endless time for me. then he came back and said the touch was on the ground, so no touch. I asked for DT he said impossible because he said it was a video decision. I was stunned. couldn't understand his decision. he said he would give me a card if I don't go back to piste now.

So I said to myself, ok keep calm, do the next touch and everything will be okay. But then Moellhausen did a fantastic attack I wasn't expecting and she went on the semi-finals. At that moment, I was so frustrated. I couödnt believe that a bad referees decision cost me a medal on the world championship. First I thought, okay, perhaps I was wrong, perhaps I didn't touch her. But then, a friend of mine showed me a video, she had made on her phone of the touch where you could see that it was impossible that I was ground.


I was sitting for 2 hours in the fencing hall. My coach as stunned as I was directly on the side. I had a lot of fencing friends and coaches who came to me. who tried to cheer me up. I mean 7th at the Worlds, it's not a bad result. it was my first time I was fencing in the top 8 at a World Championships. I had a horrible night. I couldn't sleep at all. The touch was frozen in my brain. I was thinking a lot about that fight this last month. Also because I had to explain it nearly every day what exactly happened. And the really nice word of people who told me I can be proud of my result.

I think it was the hardest moment so far in my fencing history. I've lost already in bouts for a medal, like on the European Championship in Tbilisi.

But I was never so close. And I was thinking now a lot also about the points I lost in the Olympic qualification As I don't have a team, it is very hard to qualify for the Olympics. And with a medal, I would have had at least 20 points more and would be good in the race for a qualification place.

So you can imagine how hard it is. And I still haven't recovered from it ... because I still think it was a wrong decision of the referee.

I cannot understand why he said it was ground. But I have to live with it. And the only thing I can take from this fight is that when you have a 3 points lead, you have to get it home and not let I come to sudden death and that's what I'll be working on next season."


Top 32 of women’s sabre at worlds, after a medical time out the spanish fencer took a few steps and began to fall, the Korean fencer stepped forward and caught her as she stumbled and helped her stand as she waited for the medics to get to the strip while keeping weight off of her leg. It was a really emotional moment.

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