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The Team

I work on several projects in the NFT space



Early Investor (In tokens)

- RTFKT (Clone-X, Space Pods, MNLTH, Nike)

- BAYC ecosystem (BAYC, MAYC, $APE, Otherside)

 - Cool Cats

Olympics Punks

Ahead of the 2021 Olympics, I brokered an arrangement where 6 members of Team USA fencing borrowed punks to wear as their profile pictures on twitter and Instagram while they competed.

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Quoted in Verge 

"But nearly everyone who spoke with The Verge about their involvement in launching or buying these NFT series said the monetary component was just one part of the story, and often not even their primary interest. “When I had an ape as my profile picture, I could DM any other ape and connect with them,” Spencer Gordon-Sand, a current Cool Cats owner (and former ape owner) who works in venture capital, tells The Verge. “This is a really easy in to a community of people.”

Elemints NFT Project

Founding Member

learn more at

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Rug Radio DAO council

Partnerships subcommittee 

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